Dedication v. Obsession: Health Shouldn’t Consume Your Life

I totally get it, getting healthy takes a long time, but you want results fast because it feels like a competition. Whether you’re on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, everyone is trying to outdo each other one way or another.

If you’re in the fitness world, it’s making gains and having a big butt.

Decorating your home? Better look like Joanna Gains did it.

And don’t get me started on wedding planning…everything’s a competition.

Don’t get me wrong, competition is a great motivating factor when you’re dedicating time and effort to getting healthy. I’m super competitive myself.

The trick is knowing how to monitor how far you’re willing to go before things start getting unhealthy.

So today, on the podcast, listen while I talk about preventing your dedication from becoming your obsession.

What’s Your Ultimate Goal

Keeping everything in perspective prevents you from getting too intense. When things go well and you see the health benefits you’re looking for, it’s easy to want to keep going. Pushing yourself further can turn getting healthy into an obsession. Write down a health related goal and stick to it.

If your goals are always centered around on thing, that’s no good either. Always trying to have thinner thighs or brighter looking skin can quickly turn into an unhealthy obsession.

Some things won’t be able to change. It’s healthier to learn to accept and celebrate the unique features you have rather than letting them control your life.

How Far Are You Willing to Go?

You have a goal, and that’s great. Now, what’s the maximum amount of effort, time, and money you’re putting into reaching this goal? I recommend setting boundaries with yourself before getting started.

Trying something new is a great idea. If your goal is always the same, try a few different approaches instead of doing the same thing over and over again. Not only does this help you reach your fitness goals, but it also keeps your mind fresh.

Your body is capable of doing and being incredible things. Pretty doesn’t have to be one of them. If you want to practice appreciating all the things your body is, sign up for “Thoughts That Uplift.

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November 27, 2017


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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