Perfection Doesn’t Equal Happiness with Karolina Kaczor

You might be thinking, “wouldn’t it be easy to be confident if my body was perfect? That’s what I’ve always wanted!” Well, the truth is your confidence has nothing to do with what you look like.

If you feel like you need to stop worrying and start living your life, you need to know why you feel bad in the first place. Yes, maybe you want your body to look a certain way…but why?

When you feel insecurities creep into your thoughts, it’s coming from a place of fear. You’re afraid someone might say something mean or think differently of you. Letting go of that fear and embracing who you are is the only way to feel truly confident.

Today, I’m talking with Karolina Kaczor all the way in London! She’s a fitness coach (love based body) and used to compete in body fitness competitions. Her story is real, raw, and she’s not holding back. Having a perfect body doesn’t equal a perfect life. Karolina knows this first hand.

Listen to hear how she overcame insecurities even when her body was perfect.

Don’t miss these great highlights:

Confidence issues don’t just come from how your body looks – 3:40

How the fitness industry is an escape & a game – 6:12

An unhealthy dieting cycle that destroyed her body – 7:40

The turning point that made her realize, “this is not who you are” – 9:51

How her breakdown helped uncover her intuition – 11:57

She lost how much weight by eating more? – 14:50

How your emotional state effects every other part of your life – 17:37

Quote worthy truth bomb – 18:49

More about our guest…

It’s interesting how we think if we’re fit we will be happy. If you look good  you’ll love our body. All the evidence says that’s not true. Karolina’s “best” body was the point she felt the lowest self esteem. Confidence and self worth aren’t dependent on what your body looks like.

I promise you, you won’t love yourself once you “fix” your body. You start with fixing your mindset!


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December 18, 2017


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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