Self Value for Women in Business with Victoria Bauman

When you’re dealing with insecurities you inherently question your self value. You feel like you should be able to move on from things that make you feel unworthy, but pushing them down doesn’t make them disappear.

The only way to truly dissolve your insecurities and embrace your worth as a woman is to face the pain you have in your past. We all have trauma in our past, and it’s okay to admit how badly it hurt you. Only then is it possible for healing to begin.

What makes us strong is being able to feel our pain and work through it towards acceptance. Start the new year off right by listening to Victoria’s incredible wisdom on the topic of self value and what it means for women in business.

Don’t miss these great highlights:


What happens when you face your insecurities – 4:28

How self parenting helps you clear through pain – 7:33

The best way to make your past trauma feel understood – 9:34

Repair wounds that never properly healed – 10:58

How carrying the pain of micro traumas devalue your self image – 14:54

Why confident women are not easily shaken – 17:05


More about our guest…

Victoria Bauman was born in Canada and lives in Bali. Totally jealous, right? She loves helping heart-centered women like you take action towards your dreams with genuine, lionhearted confidence.

She believes that by getting clear on their visions and cultivating fierce courage,  purpose-driven women will be our next generation of world changers. Her passion and lived experience are on the move to empower a generation of women  to bring positive change to the world.

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January 1, 2018


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