34 | Exercise Mindset: Focus on Your Strengths

The fitness industry trained you to put exercise in a little, constricting box.

It tells you exercise is meant to fix your physical flaws and make your body more appealing to others.

I’m going to train you to forget that nonsense and believe something new about exercise.

What if exercise could be enjoyable?

Would you do it more often if you had more freedom and control over what “counted” as exercise? I bet you would.

I sure do! On this week’s episode, I’m talking all about shifting your mindset about exercise away from trying to fix your physical flaws and towards celebrating everything your body can do!

Don’t miss these great highlights…

Please abandon this idea about eating certain food – 2:55

Even if you already exercise a lot, you need to hear this – 5:51

Why not use exercise to show your mind what your body can do – 12:28

More about ability-oriented exercise

Focusing on physical appearance based outcomes is going to get you down. It takes so long to “fix” your problem areas on your body even if you’re doing everything right.

So if that’s the only motivation you have, it’s not gonna be enough.

But if you decide to focus on what your body is able to do (ability over appearance) it changes the game!

There are so many thing you’re able to do in this body, today. You never know what abilities you’ll lose in your lifetime.

When you sprain your ankle, you realize how nice it is to walk comfortably. Same is true if you throw out your back, you’re shaking your head wishing you could just stand up without being in pain.

So take advantage of all the wonderful things your body can do!


March 5, 2018


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