35 | How the Lena Cup Changed My Period for the Better

Talking about periods shouldn’t be taboo anymore, okay?

So I’m sharing all the reasons I love my Lena Cup.

It makes me seriously angry that no one properly educated me (or any women I know) about menstrual cups.

They’re great for so many reasons!

I’m taking it upon myself to share with you all the things I learned about my cup and why I’ll never use tampons again.

I never knew there was an alternative, besides pads but honestly who uses those?

Don’t miss these great highlights…

What’s your relationship with your period? – 2:01

Reconnect with your feminine cycle – 6:13

But are they hard to clean? No. – 9:35

More about the Lena Cup

Before I bought my first cup, I did some research. I wanted to know which cup was the most comfortable, easy to use, and I wanted it to be cute. Anything to help bring a little happiness to my period, I’m down for it! They all have a few things in common like high quality, medical grade silicone, various sizes, and fun colors.

The reason I chose the Lena Cup was because they were voted the most comfortable menstrual cup, there was a combo pack, and they come in these adorable little cotton bags. Plus their brand messaging is incredibly on point. I have a purple and teal cup. I use the purple for heavier days and the teal for normal days.

Keep an open mind.

When you first try a cup, remember the first time you used a tampon. It was probably awkward, messy, and uncomfortable. So just keep that in mind when you try out a menstrual cup, there’s a learning curve. I recommend using it for at least 3 cycles before forming a strong opinion.

To insert the cup, you fold it to a shape that will gently glide inside your vagina. The Lena Cup comes with an instruction guide with several different folding methods, the C fold works for me. Once it’s inside, I gently twist the base of the cup to make sure it’s fully “expanded” without any air pockets between the cup and my vaginal wall.

Sometimes I’ll use a panty liner in addition to the cup, in case there’s any leakage.

Speaking of leakage, after switching to the Lena Cup I’ve never woken up to bloody sheets or pajamas!

Goodbye stressful mornings filled with surprise loads of laundry.

Not only do I not wonder if I’ll have to wash my sheets, the amount of period planning I do every month has decreased by like 95%. Instead of worrying about having enough tampons, I always know I’m covered.

No more stashing and stocking tampons in my purse, car, and every bathroom in the house. I stopped wondering if I should pack tampons in case I get my period while I’m traveling. All I need to do is throw one of my cups in my purse and I’m set!

My absolute favorite part? You can pee in peace. Forget worrying about a tampon string or changing out a practically new tampon because it’s wet on the outside and dry on the inside. Plus, it really hurts to change those, am I right?

Oh, so comfortable.

Choosing which size tampon you’ll need is like a bloodier version of Russian Roulette you play every 4-6 hours. If you choose wrong you’ll either ruin the pants you’re wearing or feel like you’re sitting on a Nerf dart. If you choose right? Congratulations, you’ve made it through this round. May the odds be ever in your favor.

With the Lena Cup? The only decision you have to make is big or small, and there’s really no wrong choice. Either you’ll have to empty your cup often or you won’t.

There’s no feeling of dryness or moisture! Even on your lightest days, it’s comfortable to wear. Sometimes I even forget I have it in, seriously. It makes me forget I even have my period!

This fits any budget.

Plus, the combo pack I picked up only costs $40. Think about that for a second. Even if you buy the absolute cheapest tampons available, you’re probably spending at least $10/mo on period products. This pays for itself in 4 months and you get TWO cups. It will pay for itself sooner if you’re buying Tampax Pearl or some fancy organic brand.

You can re-use your cups for a really long time if you keep them clean and store them properly! There’s no reason not to give this a try!

Respecting my menstrual cycle.

After using a menstrual cup, my perspective on my period changed drastically. I felt so burdened by using tampons, it was like I was a slave to my period. Whenever I had it, it took over my mental headspace, time, and focus. I resented my period because it was so annoying dealing with leaks, discomfort, and shame.

Instead of merely tolerating the fact that my vagina bled for a week every month, I started feeling a responsibility to care for my body. I felt like I was supporting this change happening in my body. Something about the cup catching the blood and comfortably fitting inside me changed the relationship I had with not just my period, but my body, too.

Now I’m embracing what’s happening in my body instead of merely tolerating something society tells me is “gross.” I don’t see my period as gross anymore because I finally have all the tools I need in order to handle it properly.



March 12, 2018


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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