36 | The Real Reason I Switched to High Rise Jeans

High rise jeans changed my relationship with my hips.

Hips gets a lot of attention, people talk about them a lot.

We compare them to muffins, Coke bottles, and lots of other things.

I always used to think I had chubby hips, I hated the way my jeans fit.

It wasn’t until I discovered high waisted pants, or high rise jeans, that I realized I had beautiful hips, I was just stuffing them into the wrong kinds of pants.

Huge thanks to Express for selling different styles of jeans even before they were fashionable!

Don’t miss these great highlights…

The difference between your body type and your body shape – 2:09

Don’t worry what other people are gonna think – 7:55

Your shape is more important than what’s trendy – 9:28

This is what happens when you stop fighting your body shape – 14:53

More about high rise jeans & my body shape

Low rise jeans were not made for me.

They were made for women without hips to give the illusion of hips.

But when you have them, you don’t need to create illusions. I wore low rise jeans all throughout high school and college. I wore them so much that my body developed muffin tops.

No more pulling up my pants or pulling down my shirt so my underwear doesn’t show!

Even when I was naked, there was an indent in my hips where my jeans usually cut in. I thought that was how I was shaped.

When I started wearing high rise jeans, everything changed.

My “chubby” hips started to smooth out. My hips became rounded, the way they were supposed to be all along!

I never thought I could feel this way in a pair of pants, but now that I’ve gone “high rise” I can never go back!

If you’re constantly feeling uncomfortable in your clothes, I highly recommend switching up the styles you’re wearing! Take a look at how your body is shaped and see if there are different fits and cuts that will accentuate your natural curves (or lack of curves!) because you deserve to feel good in your clothes!


March 19, 2018


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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