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Being a single woman carries a stench of unworthiness. The idea a woman would voluntarily chose singleness over a relationship is a red flag for most people. But for women who actually take the time to invest in personal development, they realize just how rare they are and just how much they’re not going to […]

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I grew up on a healthy diet of rap and gospel music. For a while there, the rap side of me was taking over more of my heart than the gospel side… But of course, like He does, Jesus pursued my heart and brought me back to His arms. But that hood side of me […]

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Where are my perfectionists at? This topic hits home because when you live and die by your success, it gets scary once things start going your way. Rather than enjoying things going right, my brain immediately started worrying if things would fall apart. Here are three ways you can keep your confidence when things are […]

feel confident when everything is going wrong

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Confidence isn’t based on your situation. But for most people, that’s how they measure it. When everything is going wrong, you doubt yourself and wonder if you ever really knew what you were doing in the first place. True confidence comes from knowing who you are, regardless of the circumstances and taking action anyway. The […]

what other people think

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There’s a fine line between being a doormat and an arrogant jerk. Learning this balance is important to building your confidence. If you care too much what others think of you, you’ll never give yourself permission to fully be yourself. (And on the flip side, if you don’t care about the opinions of others… you […]

learn to love myself

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Oh gosh, where to begin. How did liking who we are become an incredibly difficult daily struggle? When did self criticism become the norm? How did we get here? I know how, marketing. Back in the 60’s companies got really good at making us feel like something was missing. If we just bought their product, […]

find your identity in christ

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If God asked you to give that up, would you? You know the thing. The thing you’re holding onto so tightly you’re terrified of letting it go. That thing. Chances are, that’s where you’re getting your identity right now. Sometimes it’s a job, a boyfriend, your kids, or even a certain lifestyle you’re living. If […]

positive body image

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Having a positive body image actually doesn’t start with self love. (here’s a Confidently She podcast episode about that) p.s. join the Summer Semester of Confidently She – The Program HERE That’s like saying having a birthday cake starts with lighting the candles. Sure, that’s technically what makes a regular cake into a birthday cake, […]

things confident women never do

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You might be sabotaging your confidence. Not on purpose, obviously. If you’re feeling insecure or doubting yourself, the answer might be in NOT doing certain things. Before I get into this, I want you to know I’ve personally done all these things – so there’s no judgement. Plus, my VIP coaching day is designed to […]

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Where does confidence come from? How can you be confident when you keep messing up? Confidence doesn’t come from being perfect or looking a certain way. Anyone who’s confident will tell you it comes from actually facing their inner voice and doing the work others are afraid to do. For Christians, it means trusting that […]

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