learn to love myself

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Oh gosh, where to begin. How did liking who we are become an incredibly difficult daily struggle? When did self criticism become the norm? How did we get here? I know how, marketing. Back in the 60’s companies got really good at making us feel like something was missing. If we just bought their product, […]

find your identity in christ

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If God asked you to give that up, would you? You know the thing. The thing you’re holding onto so tightly you’re terrified of letting it go. That thing. Chances are, that’s where you’re getting your identity right now. Sometimes it’s a job, a boyfriend, your kids, or even a certain lifestyle you’re living. If […]

positive body image

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Having a positive body image actually doesn’t start with self love. (here’s a Confidently She podcast episode about that) p.s. join the Summer Semester of Confidently She – The Program HERE That’s like saying having a birthday cake starts with lighting the candles. Sure, that’s technically what makes a regular cake into a birthday cake, […]

things confident women never do

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You might be sabotaging your confidence. Not on purpose, obviously. If you’re feeling insecure or doubting yourself, the answer might be in NOT doing certain things. Before I get into this, I want you to know I’ve personally done all these things – so there’s no judgement. Plus, my VIP coaching day is designed to […]

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Where does confidence come from? How can you be confident when you keep messing up? Confidence doesn’t come from being perfect or looking a certain way. Anyone who’s confident will tell you it comes from actually facing their inner voice and doing the work others are afraid to do. For Christians, it means trusting that […]

body confidence start with vulnerability

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The way I see it, confident people are the people who are willing to be vulnerable.   Insecurity lies in safety, confidence lies in risk.   Confident people are okay with opening themselves up to things like rejection or criticism or not getting the approval of other people, even letting people down.   Confident people […]

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Your idols sometimes look like your blessings. The things God gives you in this life on earth are wonderful: family, friends, careers…bodies. But idolatry happens when we get our priorities out of whack. We start putting our physical health above everything. You obsess over the way you look. Idolatry is this big scary word in […]

obsessing over negative thoughts

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I struggle with obsessing over negative thoughts. Everyone does. You’re probably worried about things that happened in the past or things that might happen in the future. Which one do you gravitate towards? I worry about the future more than I dwell on the past. Everything you’re worried about right now is an earthly thing. […]

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Trusting in yourself is a big topic right now. Thankfully, we are moving away from getting our identity from other people. Our culture is focusing less on what other people think and more on finding approval within ourselves, which I think is great. But there has to be another level to it when you’re truly […]

instagram body image confidence

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How does social media impact your body image and self esteem? Have you ever thought to yourself, “is Instagram bad for my body image?” I know I have. In fact, I’ve gone through and unfollowed every account that makes me feel insecure, critical, or doubtful of my self worth. I think sometimes we tell ourselves […]

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