Everything Aries Should Know About Building True Confidence

Aries is a fire sign. What do we know about fire? It’s useful, but also dangerous. Aries is notorious for their ambition, but don’t let that fool you. Ambition and confidence aren’t the same thing. Aries shines bright on the surface, but that flickering flame can easily be doused without building true confidence.

You’re enthusiastic with a zest for life. That’s what gives you a magnetic personality, but also the potential for selfishness. For Aries, life is all about achievement, success, and experiencing everything it has to offer. Careful, Aries, don’t let your high expectations of others burn too many bridges, or you’ll be polishing your trophies alone.

aries woman dressed as a ram

You already know you’re strong willed, determined, and independent. Too bad that combination doesn’t equal true confidence. That determination and independence, left unchecked, can bring you into isolation.

You want to do what’s exciting and challenging, so you’re not always aware how your actions impact other people. There are two ways Aries can fall into insecurity. Their flame turns into a wildfire, or it’s smothered to barely the embers.

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Harnessing Your Ambition

First, like with any fire element, confidence comes from controlling your flame. The danger of such enthusiasm, drive, and talent is your tendency to burn through relationships or burn out entirely.

With relationships, you struggle to let people help you because you feel like you have something to prove. Aries gets identity from overcoming obstacles, so getting help feels like cheating. This turns into competition, suspicion, and isolation.

Harness that ambition by realizing you can’t do everything. Avoid burnout by learning to say no, but going all in on things that are a yes. It’s okay to take things one at a time. Not everyone has your level of drive, but that doesn’t make them weak or lazy. Your ultimate value doesn’t come from what you achieve or what you can do for people, it’s in your heart.

You have a warrior’s heart with the desire to protect and lead, but practice patience for people who aren’t at that same pace.

Protecting Your Independence

Aries is very loyal, but you need to be careful to retain your independence within that loyalty. Otherwise you’re filled with inner tension and conflict. If an Aries puts loyalty to people they love above their own need for independence, their fire burns out. Regret and resentment are a real threat to Aries’ confidence when they’re in a relationship with another strong personality.

Remember your flame? Building confidence helps you protect it so your enthusiasm, drive, and ambition isn’t smothered by relationships – it’s stoked.

Speak up early and often if you feel like your independence is compromised. The last thing you want is to burn a bridge because you didn’t communicate your needs.

Aries in full confidence

An Aries in true confidence is patient, even tempered, and an excellent communicator. You know when it’s safe to let people in and you’re seen as a leader in the inner circle of people you trust enough to be vulnerable with.

You’re thriving in independence and in deep relationship. You take on a few new challenges and invite others with you for the experience. Confident Aries knows when to say no and rests well with others.

Relationships are deep, stable, and ready to stoke your flame of ambition when you need encouragement. You’re slow to judge others and compassionate when they’re struggling.

Aries in full security knows your accomplishments do not equal your self worth. Achievement is not the goal of your life. You see that sharing your success with people who know you and love you brings true fulfillment.


March 22, 2020


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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