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Your idols sometimes look like your blessings. The things God gives you in this life on earth are wonderful: family, friends, careers…bodies. But idolatry happens when we get our priorities out of whack. We start putting our physical health above everything. You obsess over the way you look. Idolatry is this big scary word in […]

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“my daughter thinks she’s ugly, what do I tell her?” No matter what age your daughter shares her insecurities, it’s heartbreaking to hear. I’m not a parent yet, I don’t personally know what it feels like to hear this – but I do know what it feels like to say it. Growing up, I felt […]

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No matter what your relationship status is right now, you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day! Here’s my thing: The only people who don’t like Valentine’s Day are the ones with high expectations that never get met so they act super salty about it and pretend not to like nice things. You’re telling me you don’t […]

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It’s not that I wasn’t confident, I just didn’t feel good enough. Not athletic enough, curvy enough, skinny enough, sexy enough, womanly enough…enough enough. Suffice it to say, after I left my abusive relationship, I don’t know what I was – but I definitely wasn’t enough. Wasn’t enough for the guy at my office to […]

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