Believe you are enough.

Ever since Eden, God has been telling us we are lovely, worthy, and honored in His sight. Together, we will heal wounds of insecurity so you can walk in peace as a Daughter of the King.

i need a confidence coach

“You're Changing Lives Here.”

“I Feel Ready to Take Life on Fully!”

“I Was Holding onto Unrealistic Ideals.”

“For the first time in my whole life someone has said it’s okay to eat things that might be “high in calories” you’ve really helped me remain body positive. You’re making a difference."

"I used to feel like I didn't belong, but now I'm more open and curious. I feel less alone. Rebekah is so helpful in helping me to find my confidence, with no judgment at all for where I'm at."

“I realized I was holding so tightly onto unrealistic ideals of what a “True Woman” should be, look like, and feel. You bring some of the hard parts of being a woman in such a modern way - it's so refreshing.”

- Kaila Vollmer

- margi regehr

- kiana ress

Get the Results Dieting Never Will

by using the mindfulness method

I'm Rebekah Buege

Let me be clear, body confidence is not a side effect of having the perfect body, it's a daily mental practice.

I used to be extremely self conscious. My thoughts weren't always critical, but I worried about what other people saw when they looked at me, and how I could control it

People called me beautiful, so I felt enormous pressure to live up to that expectation. But something weird happened. It was never enough.

No matter how I looked, I'd still find ways I didn't measure up. My thoughts were so filled with what I "should" be...

Fast forward a few years and my physical body hasn't changed, but my perspective is completely different. I'm not self conscious.

I no longer feel obligated to be a version of myself people will accept. My confidence comes from being called a daughter of the King - and I'm always enough for Him.

These days, eating and exercising is more intuition, less punishment. Dating is more "is he for me?" and less "am I for him?"

I don't compare my body to other women because I see my sisters as support systems, not competition.

I created The Mindfulness Method to help women take their thoughts captive and gently handle insecurity with compassion and truth.

Because you can't fix an inside problem with an outside solution.

i want you to coach me

pronounced biggie, like biggie smalls

...i lost sight of who i am meant to be.

Sound familiar? I'm sure that's why you're here

Put Me in, Coach

a quick look at coaching with rebekah

don't worry, i won't make you:

stop exercising

avg. monthly time commitment:

2 hours

the main method of coaching is:

Video or phone call

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i'm not the kind of coach to:


Perfection is Not Your Purpose

you are meant for more

✓ Insecurity holds you back from having the level of intimacy you want in relationships.

✓ Self consciousness fills your thoughts and heavily influences your decisions.

✓ Eating is stressful because you feel guilty if there's no kale, cauliflower, or celery juice involved.

✓ You're done living to meet the expectations of people you don't even care about and want to clear out these negative thoughts.

that's me, i'm ready

You're ready for coaching if...

x  You tend to complain about your circumstances instead of experimenting with solutions.

x  Learning how to find your worth in God first doesn't interest you.

x  Investing $10-40k to drastically improve your career. relationships, and quality of life is impossible right now.

x  You like feeling superior to others and use your weight, diet and exercise habits, and beauty as a way to do that.

that's not me, i'm ready!

You're not ready for coaching if...

You know you're meant to do bigger things than worrying if you're the most attractive woman in the room.

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