Believe you are enough.

Ever since Eden, God has been telling us we are lovely, worthy, and honored in His sight. It's time to heal wounds of insecurity so you can walk in peace as a Daughter of the King.

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Body Confidence Coaching

embody true femininity

✓ No more insecurity holding you back from experiencing real intimacy with your husband. You're meant to have amazing sex.

✓ Filter out the self conscious thoughts stopping you from wearing those shorts, enjoying that cupcake, or relaxing your stomach.

✓ Forget about trying to look like the woman you think men are attracted to and start seeing the unique beauty God gave you.

✓ Learn how to heal insecurities through God's truth so you feel whole no matter what your relationships feel like.

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Private Coaching with Rebekah

✓  Complete your application - this is a time to get vulnerable, open up, share with me what you're going through so I can recommend a plan.

✓  We have a 30 minute video chat where I recommend a custom coaching program. It might be every week, every month, or just once!

✓  After the call, I send you an email where you either accept or decline the custom program I recommended.

✓ If you accept, we schedule our first official session and I send you a super amazing welcome gift to congratulate you on this BIG step!

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How it Works

Get ready to undo the damage of diet culture and discover the beauty God instilled in you as a woman.

“I Feel Less Alone and More Heard.”

“I'm at Ease and Empowered!”

“I Was Holding onto Unrealistic Ideals.”

“I instantly knew I could connect with Rebekah and trust her to coach me, her warm accepting personality made it an easy decision! Now I have a positive rebuttal to negative self talk"

"Before coaching with Rebekah I was bummed out, stressed, and had no forward momentum. Now, I feel so much better! I'm at ease, empowered, and don't care as much what people think!"

“I realized I was holding so tightly onto unrealistic ideals of what a “True Woman” should be, look like, and feel. You bring some of the hard parts of being a woman in such a modern way - it's so refreshing.”

- margi regher

- elsbeth johnson

- kiana ress

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She forgives without needing an apology

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She's a good steward of her body

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