Believe you are enough.

And not just on the outside. Body confidence coaching is for women of faith who want to stop getting their self worth from the approval of others.

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“You're Changing Lives Here.”

“I Feel Ready to Take Life on Fully!”

“I Was Holding onto Unrealistic Ideals.”

“For the first time in my whole life someone has said it’s okay to eat things that might be “high in calories” you’ve really helped me remain body positive. You’re making a difference."

"I used to feel like I didn't belong, but now I'm more open and curious. I feel less alone. Rebekah is so helpful in helping me to find my confidence, with no judgment at all for where I'm at."

“I realized I was holding so tightly onto unrealistic ideals of what a “True Woman” should be, look like, and feel. You bring some of the hard parts of being a woman in such a modern way - it's so refreshing.”

- Kaila Vollmer

- margi regehr

- kiana ress

Choose Confidence Over Criticism

by using the mindfulness method

I'm Rebekah Buege

I used to get my self worth from other people. It wasn't hard to feel good about myself when people told me I was beautiful - so that's what I built my identity around.

But something weird happened. It was never enough.

No matter what I looked like, I'd still question if I could look better. It's probably my perfectionist tendencies, but these thoughts in my head kept going back to, "what are people seeing when they look at me, and how can I control it?"

Dating was a nightmare of trying to be what men wanted.

Fast forward a few years later and my perspective is completely different. My self worth comes from who God says I am and who I know I'm becoming.

I eat whatever I want without worrying about my weight, because I let my body tell me what it needs.

Dating is fun and exciting because I'm focused on deciding if this guy is who I'm looking for, not the other way around.

I don't compare my body to other women because I realize I don't have to compete with anyone in order to feel worthy.

Body confidence is not a personality trait I was born with, it's a practice - and I can teach you to live this way, too.

I created The Mindfulness Method to help women face their insecurities in a compassionate way and become confident in who they are - beyond their body.

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pronounced biggie, like biggie smalls

i was so focused on controlling how people saw me...

...i totally lost sight of what actually matters.

Sound familiar? I'm sure that's why you're here

Perfection is Not Your Purpose

you are meant for more

✓ Fear of criticism or rejection holds you back from doing things you love or pursuing your passions.

✓ You want to feel good about yourself without needing attention or approval from other people.

✓ The things you tell yourself influence every part of your life including your relationships, career, and health.

✓ Eating is stressful and exercise feels like a punishment.

✓ You're ready to get to the bottom of all this and finally feel at peace in who you are.

that's me, i'm ready

You're ready for this if...

x  Your critical thoughts aren't influencing your decisions about what to eat or how to dress.

x  Admitting your insecurities and negative thoughts isn't something you're comfortable doing.

x  Investing a few thousand dollars into your mental and emotional wellbeing is impossible right now.

x  You're not solution oriented, when things are bad you're not motivated to make changes so they improve.

got it, i know i'm ready!

You're not ready if...

You know you're meant to do bigger things than worrying if you're the most attractive woman in the room.

What is The Mindfulness Method?

I developed The Mindfulness Method after a toxic relationship tore apart my body image and confidence.

This method helped me create a better relationship with my body, stop being afraid of criticism or rejection, and see value in myself beyond the way I looked.

The Mindfulness Method has 4 phases: Discover, Release, Rebuild, and Renew.

I coach ambitious women to question the beliefs that are making them question their self worth.

Then, I give you tools to quickly work through insecurity so you can free up mental energy and enjoy your life.

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