Confessions of a Confident Crappy Christian

christian confidence

Where does confidence come from?

How can you be confident when you keep messing up?

Confidence doesn’t come from being perfect or looking a certain way.

Anyone who’s confident will tell you it comes from actually facing their inner voice and doing the work others are afraid to do.

For Christians, it means trusting that who God says you are takes priority over who anyone else says you are – including you.

So today I’m talking with Blake Guichet, the voice of Confessions of a Crappy Christian and designer of Magnolia Ink.

Her words are wise and her enneagram knowledge is unsurpassed.

Stop suffering on the surface

We all have issues. How you deal with them is where confidence comes in.

I think lots of women buy into the idea that you have to do things on your own in order to be strong, but you’re just creating extra work for yourself.

You’re doing something, so you’re definitely not being lazy about your issues.

The thing is, you’re only doing what you’re comfortable doing.

You’re suffering on the surface because you’re not willing to go deep enough to the real problem.

You’re trying to do it on your own or not admitting you need help.

There’s a powerful thing that happens when you share this burden with people who’ve been there before.

When you don’t know how to dig deeper into it, it’s because you’re not letting other people show you the way.

The only way to get through it is to let yourself go all the way into it, which can be scary.

But nothing worth having ever comes easy!

And if you’re wondering how to be confident as a christian, it’s definitely not easy – but totally worth it.

You’re not alone in any of your feelings

The enemy wants you to believe you’re alone.

He wants you to think if you don’t look a certain way you’re not worthy enough for love.

He tells you the fact you’re feeling insecure means the doubts you have are accurate.


Everyone has those same exact thoughts you do. It’s just a matter of how to deal with them from a place of truth and confidence in who God says you are.

You are worthy of God’s love exactly how you are, and no matter where you’re at – there’s room for growth.

That’s the wonderful thing about grace.

Everyone has doubts and worries, but the difference between a confident person and an insecure person is whether or not you let them influence your actions.

Acting from a place of insecurity causes you to go further into the doubt and fear.

When you act from a place of confidence, you fo further into trust and courage!

how to find blake

Blake is on instagram @thegirlnamedblake and you can listen to her talk about being a crappy christian right here.


April 4, 2019


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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