58 | 3 Ways to Build Confidence in Online Dating with Andi Forness

Being single is a really great way to explore exactly who you are.

When you’re ready to find a committed partner, online dating isn’t usually people’s first choice.

I think it’s changing a bit as people realize how useful the internet is for literally everything else.

But when you make the decision to sign up…what’s the best strategy for getting a great guy?

How do you build confidence in online dating when you have no clue what to put on your profile?

I invited my friend and online dating expert, Andi Forness, to the show to help you build your confidence in online dating.

She helps single women use online dating to successfully find their Mr. Right! I’m so glad she’s with us today.

It all starts with being honest and open about who you are.

confidence dating online

Peace out on People Pleasing

Sharing the real you is the only way to get someone who’s going to work out long term.

Instead of making a profile you think guys will like, make a profile that really showcases who you are.

Even if you think it’s not a “sexy” profile, remember this is about creating a lasting connection, not pleasing everyone.

Keep in mind, your confidence takes a hit every time you give away control or power.

Just because your date suggests something, it doesn’t mean you have to say yes.

Learning to say no thanks is a great way to build your confidence and attract the right type of guy for you.

When you’re able to confidently state your needs to strangers, it becomes even easier to do that in the relationship down the road.

Once you know your desires and stand for them, your confidence improves dramatically.

Remember the 6 P’s

Andi’s uncle always said, “prior planning prevents piss poor performance.”

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, your chances of finding it are rare.

When you’re approaching online dating, you need to decide what you want and what you’re looking for.

This is true for dating in general, too.

Even if you’re not online dating, try writing a profile for yourself to get clear on who you are and what you’re after!

Then, understand how those ideas would manifest in a person. Focus on qualities people have instead of just physical things like being tall or making a certain amount of money.

Plus, the only way to know if you got what you wanted is by knowing what that is in the first place!

Go Ahead, Get Ghosted

Instead of being afraid people will reject you, it’s time to start expecting it.

Confident people know there’s really no such thing as rejection.

Shift your thinking to ask, “are they right for me?” instead of “am I good enough for them?”

You will match with people, message people, and date people who aren’t right for you.

That’s okay.

The important part is to know what to look for and be confident in knowing even if someone “ghosts” you…it’s definitely for the best.

Build up your self talk tracks to assure yourself that you not getting “picked” doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

Being vulnerable means you are strong, not weak.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t think you’re interesting, no one else will.

Instead of feeling discouraged, think of the last time you were really excited about something.

Since you were excited, that means the right person will probably think it’s interesting and exciting, too!

Sharing those parts about you make your profile more real, meaningful, and appealing to the right guys.

Need confidence in your body while you’re single?

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A Dating Profile to Attract Your Ideal Guy


December 27, 2018


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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