43 | How to Stop Feeling Guilty After Eating

Lots of women are feeling guilty after eating anything, even if it’s considered healthy food.

If your relationship with food is a constant battle, you’re in the right place.

There is a range of disordered eating habits, sometimes you don’t realize it’s happening until someone else points it out.

Today, I have a friend of mine a loyal listener (and follower) to the podcast. Kaila Vollmer is here to talk with me about her personal struggle with food and initial resistance to hearing my message.

Before starting this podcast, I was a little worried that body confidence advice wouldn’t be received well from someone who looked like me.

I do my best to focus my advice on personal experience and research I’ve read from experts in this field.

The reason I started the podcast, though, was so it specifically wouldn’t be focused on weight loss or weight goals.

Having confidence is not about changing the way you look.

It’s about giving yourself permission to enjoy and appreciate your body the way it is.

(I think it’s going pretty well so far, though!)

You’re trained to be confused about food.

It’s not your fault that you feel bad for eating.

The “rules” of what’s healthy and what’s not keep changing.

So no matter what you’re eating, you’ll find someone who tells you it’s wrong.

Even the feeling of hunger get confusing when you’re in and out of diets.

Feeling hungry, which is a natural thing to prevent, starts becoming normal.

Eventually, if it goes on long enough, you start feeling guilty if you’reĀ not hungry because it feels like you ate too much.

Our culture decides who deserves to eat.

People get hungry.

No matter what you look like or what your body goals are, you’re going to get hungry.

It’s okay to satisfy that hunger.

But when it comes to our culture, and even people we’re close to, there are messages that certain body types deserve more kinds of food than others.

Kaila shares the story of her grandma allowing all the other kids at the table to eat all the dessert they wanted, but because Kaila was a bigger girl, she could only pick one thing.

This is a perfect representation of what happens everyday in our culture.

Messages that thin people can (and should) eat foods like pizza, burgers, and chocolate.

But if someone who doesn’t meet the body standards eats those same foods, it’s considered unhealthy.

What to do if you’re feeling guilty after eating anything.

Remind yourself that hunger is natural.

It’s a survival instinct that reminds us to eat.

Try not to assign morality to food. There’s no such thing as good or bad food.

Just eat the food that’s going to make you feel good.

Sometimes it’s zucchini and other times it’s pizza.

You’re allowed to eat things that taste good, even if they’re high in calories.


May 15, 2018


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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