Fun Ways to Feel Feminine During COVID-19 Quarantine

I’m not a fan of the added pressure to be productive during this “down time”. The truth is, it’s not down time. You still need to get work done, cook meals, do laundry, the whole shebang.

You’re just doing it all in one place now that the shelter in place order is in full swing. Rather than give you a list of things you’re not going to get done, I want to offer relief from efficiency and give you fun ways to express your femininity during the corona quarantine.

Because let’s be honest, for you and me, this should be a time to rest.

Create an at home Spa experience

Do you have a bathtub? Great. Grab those essential oils, candles, and a killer relaxing Spotify playlist and turn off your overworked brain. Add some slow, simple stretching while you’re in the steam and hot water to help relax your muscles further (I swear, afterwards it feels like you had a massage!)

No bathtub? I got you. Gather everything mentioned above, but instead of a bath – give yourself a manicure and facial. I’m talking spa grade, here. No skimping. Use the good exfoliating scrub, masque, and night cream. Have a nail brush? Use it. Give your hands (and facial muscles) a deep massage while you’re at it.

Experiment with your signature style

You know that eyeliner trend you’ve been eyeing up? (pun intended, you know I love a good pun) you can try it without anyone seeing it. Test out the beachy waves and see if you can master your own unique hairstyle when there’s no risk of anyone seeing it if you hate it.

This is the time to play. Play with the way you look. Challenge the way you think you “should” dress, do your hair, and makeup. Have some fun with this – that’s what femininity is all about. True femininity is having the joy and freedom of self expression without shame. Use this time to practice and find (or redefine) your signature look.

Enjoy unapologetic movement

Literally, dance BECAUSE no one is watching. Sing BECAUSE no one is listening. It’s worth fully experiencing music even if you’re the only one who gets to enjoy it! This is what it means to build your self worth…you do things that normally you’d only do around other people.

You can share an experience with yourself and have it be just as meaningful as if you shared it with someone else. Plus, it helps you break down those self conscious thoughts – it doesn’t matter what your voice sounds like or what your body looks like. This is about enjoying music and expressing yourself.

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April 1, 2020


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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