How a Confident Aries Woman Finds Love

At first, it’s tempting to go for the guy who makes you feel smart. The “safe” guy that makes you look like the exciting hero. Deep down, the guy you know you’re settling for. But because you’re naturally driven and enthusiastic about life, the better match for your Aries personality is someone who’s going to fan that flame, and help you burn brighter. You are a fire element, after all.

Have the patience to find someone who challenges you. Find someone who is just as capable and strong as you (if not more so). Otherwise, you’ll get bored with someone who’s not as much of a leader. Yes, there are great men out there who are more timid or passive, but as an Aries woman looking for love, you need someone who challenges you to live life to the fullest.

Someone you can chase (in a good way)

You’re easily excited about new things, so it makes sense you need continuous “new” elements of a relationship to stay engaged. You want to have that chase.

Not someone who plays games, but you need to have a certain level of challenge to keep you intrigued. Someone to push you, but also support you. If you’re feeling bored in your current relationship, that’s kinda on you. Use this as practice communicating what you truly need from that relationship.

Someone who doesn’t let you keep them at a distance

I see you, Aries. You’re all excited about people at first, but when things get real – you shut down or bolt. Confidence in love only comes when you trust someone enough to be vulnerable with them. Letting people in emotionally helps you in the long run, even though it doesn’t feel safe right now.

When a man pursues you after you try to push them away, it’s a sign he could be a good match for the long run. But you’re not allowed to continue pushing him away. Do that enough times and he will leave, or you’ll lose all respect for him.

Someone who balances you

True strength is sharing in your vulnerability with a safe person. Your safe person is going to bring balance to your spontaneous, easily excited lifestyle. They aren’t boring, but they’re less energetic than you.

This strength of theirs teaches you how to enjoy the slowness of life and helps you feel safe. Consistency isn’t always a bad thing, Aries. Since you’re bringing the fire, let him bring the predictability. Give it a chance, you just might like it.


April 22, 2020


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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