How to Have Body Confidence

Did you know 97% of women have negative thoughts about their body every day? Most women want to have body confidence, but don’t know how it works or where to start.

When I work with clients, we start by defining body confidence. Body confidence isn’t thinking you have the best body. It’s also not telling yourself the way you look doesn’t matter. Body confidence is giving yourself freedom from self conscious thoughts about your body.

With that in mind, here’s how to have body confidence – even if you’re starting from zero.

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Stop Comparing Your Body

We’re taught to compare ourselves constantly because of what we see in media. How many “Who Wore it Best?” headlines have you seen standing in line at the airport? How often are women ranked on a 10 point scale to measure whether or not a man should be proud he slept with her? This environment conditions us to compare ourselves, too.

Body confidence starts when you end the cycle of comparison and remember that beauty is subjective. What one person thinks is “best” is not universally accepted. Some traits are praised in one culture and criticized in another. You can’t win at a subjective game.

Celebrate What Makes You Different

Everyone is different for a reason. How boring would life be if we all looked the same? My private clients are usually the most self conscious about something that’s different about their face or body. Our differences actually make us more valuable, even if the differences could be categorized as “flaws”.

Why? Because what makes you unique is what makes you irreplaceable. Think of Julia Robert’s huge smile or Owen Wilson’s crooked nose. That’s what makes them stand out as actors, it’s a distinguishing feature. We kinda love them for it – even though I’m sure they’ve both been criticized because of it. Your body is the same. What makes you different is what makes you, YOU.

Your Body’s Purpose is More Than Beauty

Having true body confidence comes from putting your body’s worth in something other than beauty. I know, it’s a completely foreign concept. Women are conditioned to see themselves as a body to be seen.

When I work with clients, we use my Body Purpose Method to align their body image with their body’s purpose. Your body’s purpose is to carry you through this life – that’s it.

Wrinkles are allowed, crooked noses are allowed, all sizes and shapes are allowed.

Loving your body is the same as loving anything else, the stages of the relationship progress the same way. Remember, loving your body doesn’t mean liking every single part about it. It means you’re committed to believing your body is good and worthy no matter what.

And that’s the beginning of building body confidence, on demand.


September 16, 2020


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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