54 | How to Have it All (it’s easier than you think)

I’m like woohoo – baby you can get it all.

This episode has 2009 Bow Wow stuck in my head – in the best way.

Want to know how to have it all?

Start by asking yourself what that really means to you.

Not what it means to your friends, family, or partner.

We get so trapped in this cycle of comparing our lives to everyone else’s, we forget what’s actually important to us.

Feeling like what you have isn’t good enough comes from looking outward for guidance.

Start by asking yourself what’s really going to matter to you in 20 years.

You’ll be surprised how simple it really is.

How to Have it All in 3 Areas of Your Life

There’s this myth that everyone wants to make a ton of money, have lots of recognition, fame, and fulfillment.

The pressure to continue achieving doesn’t always comes

You can’t fix and inside problem with an outside solution, it just doesn’t make sense.

Having it all typically includes some level of love, comfort, and personal contribution to the improvement of our society.

If you can reach your desired level of these three things, you will feel like you have it all. Each of these areas is open to interpretation, so you can really make it your own.

Answer these questions to get started:

What is important to me?

What do I really care about?

When was the last time I was really happy?

How do I want to feel love?

How do I want to receive love?

What level of comfort do I need physically?

What’s my desired level of financial comfort?

How can I contribute to society in a helpful way?

What makes me feel good when I do something for someone else?

Having it All by Editing Your Goals & Beliefs

You get to decide how to have it all by your own definitions.

Our society has very strict definitions of what success means, so it takes time to break down those beliefs to get at what you really care about.

You don’t want to work for years building a life you don’t actually want.

Plus, keep in mind that this “belief editing” is a practice, not a goal you’ll reach.

Training your mind to be content and still reach your personal goals is a tricky task, but it’s possible.

Having it all comes from within.

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November 28, 2018


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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