Your Identity and Body Image Changes with Brittany Hammond

Understanding your identity and body image starts at a very young age.

When you’re young, the only way to know who you are is by comparing yourself to other people.

This is normal and not necessarily unhealthy.

If your comparisons are mostly negative and you’re telling yourself you’re “not good enough” compared to other people, that’s where the damage to your body confidence starts.

You hold onto these comparisons and beliefs through adulthood and it can manifest as negative self talk and low self worth.

Today, Brittany Hammond is sharing, for the first time, her story about her self identity and body image. She’s a brand strategist and brand story expert, you can find her at Untamed Revolution.

She experienced a sudden weight gain and felt like she “wasn’t herself” anymore because she had always been so fit.

Listen now to hear her story and how you can challenge beliefs about your identity and body image.

Don’t miss these great highlights!

Why Brittany thought she wasn’t skinny enough for film – 3:21

Here’s how the timing of puberty influences your body confidence – 4:27

Defining body image moments, do you have one? – 6:11

How to reconcile the event that started your negative body image – 9:22

Why having a perfect body doesn’t equal positive body image – 12:03

What happens when you have lots of muscle as a young dancer – 15:38

How to retain your identity after seeing a change in your body – 19:38

What to tell yourself when your body changes – 21:15

More about out guest…

Brittany Hammond is a brand strategist, actor, and dancer. She helps passionate and talented entrepreneurs create an authentic brand, by infusing their personality, identifying and leveraging unique qualities and crafting a Brand Story + Social Stories that inspire and connect.

She’s killin’ it and I’m so thankful she took a step towards healing by sharing her story with us today!

Much love,


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January 15, 2018


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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