Self discipline and Overcoming Body Image Issues

Self discipline and Overcoming Body Image Issues

Overcoming body image issues starts with understanding what health really looks like. It’s so easy in our culture to get obsessed with body image because everything we see tells women that if they’re fit and active enough they’ll have the life they want.

The trouble with current cultural body image is that it doesn’t take your actual health into consideration. Being thin doesn’t equal being healthy. So how do you stop obsessing over food and body image without becoming unhealthy?

There’s a balance, my friend. You can take care of your body without obsessing over your physical appearance.

Love your body from a place of discipline

Loving your body is not working towards a lovable version of yourself. It starts with the definition of love which is which is patient and kind…but it also has a level of accountability.

God does not design us to hate our bodies, why would he do that? In the Bible it’s just assumed that men do not hate their bodies.

Practice appreciating your body with these questions:

What does your body need to do for you each day?

What parts of your body are physically weak?

Where do you feel stiff or tight?

Where does your body physically hurt?

Measure health in terms of how your body feels.

Focus on what your body needs and your body will take care of the rest. Some things about the way your body carries weight cannot be changed…other than through series surgeries.

Physical health should be measured in terms of strength, endurance, and flexibility. Forget about using weight, inches, or pant size to define how healthy you are.

Stop thinking about exercise in terms of weight loss and you will have much more consistency because you’ll actually be patient with your body. You’ll realize it’s just your body learning a new thing and if the weight loss happens, fine.

The main part about appreciating your body is listening to what it needs and giving it that!


October 27, 2019


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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