Build Confidence That Lasts

You've tried it all, and nothing changes how you actually feel about your body. You're smart, driven, and this is the ONE THING in your way of feeling good. Ready to take control over that self-conscious voice 97% of women have in their head?

Good - I know how.

I documented my exact process for self-diagnosing body image beliefs. It took me over a year to build body confidence, on demand.

Lucky for you, I condensed what worked and packaged it up so you can start feeling better in less than a week.

this is what i need!

Get my calendar link to schedule a virtual "coffee date" anytime within 60 days of payment. We video chat for 30 minutes - talking about whatever's on your mind.

03. The Support


10 ready-to-download audio lessons giving you a framework to challenge your beliefs. You get these immediately after the workbook. Start as soon as you want.

02. The Sessions


Step-by-step prompts for you to reflect, process, and map-out your confidence journey during the audio sessions. You'll get this via email after payment.

01. The Workbook


by rebekah buege

The Confidence Kickstart

to reflect

to learn

to connect

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I'm not the only one.



It has changed the entire way I view my own body image and confidence.

- Jo

Forever grateful for Rebekah in rebuilding my confidence and myself!

- Rachel

Rebekah is so refreshing to listen to. No matter how heavy the topic, you feel a weight lifted by the end.

- Brianna

Perfect for any modern, spiritual woman finding her own path, fighting the naysayers, and limiting beliefs!


I feel so much better! I'm at ease, empowered, and don't care what people think!

- elsbeth