60 | How to Prioritize Your Self Worth After Becoming a Mom with Renata Trebing

Moms give to everyone else first and if they have anything left over, they can take scraps for themselves.

I really don’t like this burden we put on motherhood.

This is why you need to keep building your self worth after becoming a mom.

Being a mom is a huge part of your identity, but you’re still so much more than someone’s mom, wife, or sister.

You are still YOU, and it’s okay to prioritize the things you need to feel fulfilled.

This is why I’m so excited to introduce you to Renata Trebing, she’s the founder of NourishwithRenata.com, a healthy recipe and food blog. Each week, she shared her healthy and delicious recipes on her blog and social media channels. Renata also teaches personalized cooking classes.

More than that, she was able to go after her dream of having a blog – even though she was a mom.

mom guilt self worth

Set Small Goals and Celebrate Every Win

Looking at the big picture too soon can scare you off.

Instead of looking at it as a huge undertaking, as yourself what the first step is.

As you learn things, make sure you’re celebrating that newfound knowledge!

It doesn’t have to be business specific, anything you want to do for yourself is worth is essential to keeping you going!

Don’t Compare Your Progress to Others

Everyone is on their journey and you never know how long it took someone else to get where they are today.

So often, we compare our chapter 1 to other people’s chapter 20.

Instead of looking at how far you have to go, look at how far you’ve come.

In this process, realize that you are a human and it’s totally okay to feel tired or take a break without totally giving up.

Mom Guilt and Being Present

Why do moms feel this pressure to be everything to everyone?

You can’t give half of yourself to your kids, half of yourself to your partner, and have anything left over for yourself.

No wonder women struggle with self worth after becoming a mom!

You’re giving all of yourself to other people.

So instead of dividing up your time and energy, Renata suggests to give all of yourself fully to whatever moment you’re in.

This way, instead of worrying about the kids while you’re at yoga or on a date night, you can fully enjoy what you’re working on without the guilt.

You probably will never feel like you’re doing “enough” as a mother if you compare yourself to other people.

So instead of worrying if you’re good enough, focus on giving 100% in the moment and allowing things to be what they are.


January 10, 2019


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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