Social Currency:

the truth about confidence in a culture obsessed with perfection

I'm Rebekah Buege, host of the weekly podcast Confidently She, and this is my first book release! Social Currency is more than a “how to love yourself” manual. This book will give a long awaited answer to the question, why do women feel pressure to change how they look at every stage of their lives?

This book will examine how culture uses beauty as the ultimate measure of a woman's worth and help readers realize there's another way. You'll learn how to accept your body, your self, and appreciate others through a lens of true confidence that lasts.

After reaching over 500 pre-order sales of Social Currency, I signed with the book publisher Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press. Writing began in January 2021 and my first draft was sent to the editors in April. Pre-ordering options will open again soon.

Don't miss your chance to be part of a movement redirecting our focus away from superficial values back to our heart, mind, and spirit. If my work has impacted you in any way, supporting this project is the most meaningful action you can take to show your support. I love you and I'm excited to share this with the world.

excerpt from social currency

Beauty is our focus as women. Not by choice, but by conditioning. We’re told being beautiful is our ticket to acceptance. Our natural tendency is a desire towards being chosen for the unique form of beauty we express. Which is why women both respect and desire the social currency of beauty. But this desire has been harnessed against us - it’s been emphasized and prioritized by culture to the extent that it’s expected from all women, all the time, in every scenario.

What started as a tendency and a basic desire has mutated into a craving, an addiction fed by every message convincing women they aren’t enough until they’re beautiful...and once they are, they better fight like hell to not let it slip away.

Coming December 7, 2021