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It has changed the entire way I view my own body image and confidence.

- Jo

Forever grateful for Rebekah in rebuilding my confidence and myself!

- Rachel

Rebekah is so refreshing to listen to. No matter how heavy the topic, you feel a weight lifted by the end.

- brianna

I feel so much better! I'm at ease, empowered, and don't care what people think!

- elsbeth

Perfect for any modern, spiritual woman finding her own path, fighting the naysayers, and limiting beliefs!

- jamie

Right now, you can't win...

"If you wanna be hot you can't eat anything good...cut carbs, sugar, and no more wine."

"If you're not working, you're not winning! Hustle is the defining measure of success."

"What's your excuse? You and Beyonce have the same number of hours in a day."

But trying to control everything never builds confidence - just anxiety. So you want to ditch the rules and find freedom, right?

The "it's all your fault" confidence approach tells you...

Then there's the other side

"Just love your body! You're perfect the way you are."

"Work isn't about the money, it's about loving what you do."

"You're on a unique journey. You'll find your passion when you least expect it."

But we both know this doesn't work either. Ideas with no action produce nothing - you know that. There's gotta be a practical way to work on self confidence without stressing over not being perfect. 

If you felt that - let's spend time together.

the "nothing is wrong" confidence approach tells you...

Rebekah Buege here...

I get it - being a woman in 2020 is confusing as hell. You're doing what you can. You meditate, drink green smoothies, do YouTube workouts, and even see a therapist...sometimes.

But none of it gives you confidence. It's like you never measure up. There's always some area you're falling short in. Always something that feels like it's missing before you really earn the "right" to be confident.

I'm done seeing talented women thinking they need to double-down or throw in the towel when it comes to confidence.

Because you know how important self care is.

Trying harder sounds exhausting.
giving up sounds pathetic.

which is why you need down-to-earth reminders of what confidence looks like and how to apply it.

Get instant access to Confidently She: The Self-Coaching Subscription to practice unshakable feminine confidence.

Because it's not the result of having a perfect body, career, or relationship. Confidence is a mindset.

yes, i want to join!

Let me in for only $24/mo!

If you're self motivated you can apply my confidence building method without my help. So I'm giving you access to prompts, challenges, and practices I only give private clients.

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Exclusive weekly confidence sessions, with a confidence building activity - which is where the real growth happens. Get the app for push notifications & reminders.

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Get the best of the archived Confidently She Podcast episodes, organized into the topics like breakups, body image, handling change, femininity, and more. 

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Confidence, On Demand

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all that energy you're putting into trying to be good enough...what would it feel like to enjoy yourself instead?

Competitive Advantage

what will confidently she do for you?

"Rebekah's advice on body confidence is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I totally took advantage of listening before competing and it honestly helped me out more than I can describe! You won't be disappointed!

- Tiffany Rea, Miss California & Miss United States

Does this sound familiar?

insecurity lurks where you least expect it - like this

first thought in the morning:

i'm so behind

motivation to exercise:

i'm bad if i don't

why you choose which food to eat:

did i earn it?

comparing yourself:

i'm not good enough

responding to attention:

i hope they liked me

Best in Small Doses.

confidence shows up slowly - here's what life can feel like

first thought in the morning:

i'm allowed to expand

motivation to exercise:

my body is powerful, let's use it

why you choose which food to eat:

what does my body need?

comparing yourself:

if they can do it, so can i

responding to attention:

i hope i made an impact

Confidence is a Mindset.

When the temporary rush of accomplishment wears off, your insecurity is redirected towards something else...

I'm telling you. When you get your perspective in check and train your thoughts to go in a positive direction, your confidence actually grows - and it's strong AF.

the better body, big job, and new relationship didn't make you sounded CONVINCING, BUT you're so over it.

But when your mindset is right, you stay confident even when things go wrong.

this subscription gives you the perspective and practices to stay the course.

Confidence, On Demand

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