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I’m not a fan of the added pressure to be productive during this “down time”. The truth is, it’s not down time. You still need to get work done, cook meals, do laundry, the whole shebang. You’re just doing it all in one place now that the shelter in place order is in full swing. […]

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Being a single woman carries a stench of unworthiness. The idea a woman would voluntarily chose singleness over a relationship is a red flag for most people. But for women who actually take the time to invest in personal development, they realize just how rare they are and just how much they’re not going to […]

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I grew up on a healthy diet of rap and gospel music. For a while there, the rap side of me was taking over more of my heart than the gospel side… But of course, like He does, Jesus pursued my heart and brought me back to His arms. But that hood side of me […]

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Oh gosh, where to begin. How did liking who we are become an incredibly difficult daily struggle? When did self criticism become the norm? How did we get here? I know how, marketing. Back in the 60’s companies got really good at making us feel like something was missing. If we just bought their product, […]

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