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Did you know 97% of women have negative thoughts about their body every day? Most women want to have body confidence, but don’t know how it works or where to start. When I work with clients, we start by defining body confidence. Body confidence isn’t thinking you have the best body. It’s also not telling […]

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I get why you’re frustrated. All the Instagram girls make loving your body sound as simple as signing up for a yoga class. You should be able to just inhale gratitude and exhale self love – done in 45 minutes flat. So why are you still feeling this way? Why do you still doubt your […]

aries zodiac personality

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Aries is a fire sign. What do we know about fire? It’s useful, but also dangerous. Aries is notorious for their ambition, but don’t let that fool you. Ambition and confidence aren’t the same thing. Aries shines bright on the surface, but that flickering flame can easily be doused without building true confidence. You’re enthusiastic […]

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I grew up on a healthy diet of rap and gospel music. For a while there, the rap side of me was taking over more of my heart than the gospel side… But of course, like He does, Jesus pursued my heart and brought me back to His arms. But that hood side of me […]

learn to love myself

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Oh gosh, where to begin. How did liking who we are become an incredibly difficult daily struggle? When did self criticism become the norm? How did we get here? I know how, marketing. Back in the 60’s companies got really good at making us feel like something was missing. If we just bought their product, […]

find your identity in christ

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If God asked you to give that up, would you? You know the thing. The thing you’re holding onto so tightly you’re terrified of letting it go. That thing. Chances are, that’s where you’re getting your identity right now. Sometimes it’s a job, a boyfriend, your kids, or even a certain lifestyle you’re living. If […]

practicing emotional intelligence

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Emotions are a powerful tool you can use to boost your confidence. People think being emotional is a negative or uncontrollable quality in women. It really doesn’t have to be. When you learn how to understand and support your emotional health using emotional intelligence, you can harness the positive power of your feelings. That might […]

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