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Did you know 97% of women have negative thoughts about their body every day? Most women want to have body confidence, but don’t know how it works or where to start. When I work with clients, we start by defining body confidence. Body confidence isn’t thinking you have the best body. It’s also not telling […]

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I made a quick sketch to show how I see the progression of relationships — in general — so you can start leaning to love your body. We get so in our head about our bodies, self love, etc. but it’s literally the same as any other relationship. The same rules apply. Stages of Relationship […]

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I get why you’re frustrated. All the Instagram girls make loving your body sound as simple as signing up for a yoga class. You should be able to just inhale gratitude and exhale self love – done in 45 minutes flat. So why are you still feeling this way? Why do you still doubt your […]

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