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a lifestyle podcast for women of faith

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Listening to this show has really helped me start to think a little differently. It's so hard to find someone so positive and talks about real things. I love all the guests and the info on here. Highly recommend for everyone!

"This show really helped me"

I started listening to this podcast over the past summer, and I was feeling so amazing about myself. I stopped once I went back to school, and I kinda fell apart. Now that I am listening again, I can feel my confidence being lifted up. I begin everyday with this podcast and it starts my day on a positive and healthy note! Thank you so much for all that you do!


I identify so much with Rebekah. Finally a podcast for women who haven't been overweight and are close to the standard of beauty set by our society, yet struggle with self worth. There's not another podcast out there like this. It's everything I feel yet don't share. Thank you!

"brilliant. needed. finally!"

I have been non stop listening since I found the podcast and I couldn't be more grateful that something so beneficial exists in the world. Listening to this podcast is one of the things that have supplemented my goal of shifting to a more positive mindset of my body!

"Thank u!!"

I just found this podcast and I already love it! I've struggled with confidence for as long as I can remember, but there shows help remind me that I deserve to feel good.

"awesome host!"

It seems in these social media times there is more pressure on how we look than ever. This podcast is the antidote to dismantle all the beauty expectations you didn’t even realise you’d fallen for.

"freaking amazing!"

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