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That's right. I'm coming to YOU so you get clear on your identity in Christ, remove distractions, and have a plan to live confidently.

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VIP Day, live with rebekah

“I Feel Less Alone and More Heard.”

“I'm at Ease and Empowered!”

“I Was Holding onto Unrealistic Ideals.”

“I instantly knew I could connect with Rebekah and trust her to coach me, her warm accepting personality made it an easy decision! Now I have a positive rebuttal to negative self talk"

"Before coaching with Rebekah I was bummed out, stressed, and had no forward momentum. Now, I feel so much better! I'm at ease, empowered, and don't care as much what people think!"

“I realized I was holding so tightly onto unrealistic ideals of what a “True Woman” should be, look like, and feel. You bring some of the hard parts of being a woman in such a modern way - it's so refreshing.”

- margi regher

- elsbeth johnson

- kiana ress

I Offer 1 VIP Day per Month Because...

you get me live, in - person!

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I come to you, anywhere in the world, for a full day of deep inner work to build your identity on a foundation of faith.

What to Expect from a Day with Rebekah?

I'm about to blow your mind.

✓ Identify all your critical and negative thoughts without judgement so we know exactly what we're working with.

✓ Map your insecurities back to specific moments, people, or ideas that taught you where your self worth comes from (instead of what God says)

✓ Rebuild your connection to your body so you feel compassion for yourself and learn to truly care for the body God created.

✓  Create a plan to take everything you learn and turn it into simple confidence practices you'll actually use instead of walking away with an overwhelming "to do" list you'll ignore for 6 months.

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In 1 Day We Will...

✓ White glove service doesn't even begin to cover it. I book my flight, local AirBnb, and invite you over for breakfast at 9am where we start our session.

✓ Guided self care practice - I provide everything you need for a relaxing bath where you can reconnect with your body.

✓ Delicious lunch where we talk about food and any fears or anxiety that comes up around it.

✓ Afternoon planning session to map your specific beliefs and replace insecurities with God's truth from His word.

✓ Option to Upgrade to 1:1 coaching with Rebekah for 4 months 

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Here's How You Get it...

This VIP day gives you a new perspective that answers WHY you're struggling with body confidence.

Okay, I see you! I'll review your application very soon! I'm so excited for us to start this journey of building confidence together.

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Let's do this!

Want to book one of these babies?!

This body confidence VIP experience is a $12k investment.

All travel and expenses are included!

Fill out the application below to start planning our VIP day and get you on the path to practicing your confidence in Christ!

Note: This application and VIP Day is only for women who are ready to get started and invest now. 

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