What is God’s Plan for My Life?

There’s a difference between God’s plan for your life and the path you choose to take.

I do believe that God has the same plan for everyone – it’s written in the Bible.

When I used to think of God’s plan, I thought of like, my life path.

Everything was “part of God’s plan” because it was happening…right?

Well, what if it doesn’t work quite that way?

What if God’s plan is actually the set of rules and values to live by that He laid out in the Bible.

And if when we aren’t following those guidelines…we’re not following God’s plan for our lives.

Mind. Blown.

When this thought came to me I literally said out loud, “Ohhh my god…”

I think this is how free will can be explained, because while God wants to have a relationship with all of us, He’s not going to force it.

He has a plan, a way to live, for everyone…but whether or not you follow it is up to you.

I’m not saying this is exactly true, but it really makes you wonder, if you’re not following God’s rules…is it possible to follow His plan?

Maybe the path you’re on is designed to lead you back to the plan He has for you?

Maybe that’s why things seem so hard or hopeless.

God wants us to choose Him.

He wants to show us He’s there during hard times and rely on him.

Because if we never struggled, then we never would need him.

So then the question is, how do we know for sure?

You don’t have to understand God’s plan in order to follow God’s plan

You can doubt and still trust and take action.

The truth is there is a plan, but you don’t always get to know the result before you get started.

In fact, you never get to know for sure what the result will be.

That’s why they call it faith.

If God’s plan was a promise of an easy, successful life, literally everyone would follow it.

But that’s not what God promises.

He does promise that kind of life after the one on this earth, so there’s that.

But while we’re here, there’s no way to know how His plan is going to manifest in our lives.

All we can do is trust Him and have the courage to follow his nudges in our life.

I have a prayer I say every morning, I just wrote it down and started doing this. It’s not like I’ve been praying daily forever.

Here it is:

Lord, I pray you will help me quiet the world around me, recognize your nudges within me, and be courageous enough to let your will be done through me. Amen.

That’s a prayer of trust.

Faith requires vulnerability and trust

You can’t always be playing it safe if you say you have faith.

Why does a bird need faith if they stay on the ground?

They don’t, but that’s not what a bird was created to do.

If birds trust their wings, if they trust their creator has given them the skills and ability to fly without dying…I think we should have a little faith, too.

James 2:14 says faith without works is dead.

What does “works” mean?

What if an example of “works” is taking those vulnerable steps of faith?

Taking the leap when you’re scared and you don’t know what’s going to happen?

I have to believe that’s part of the works mentioned in this verse.

You can’t have faith without showing your faith in God.

Faith means doing something and trusting in something without knowing the end result.

So these works of faith might look like moving somewhere without fully knowing what your life will look like.

It can look like leaving a relationship or job without fully knowing what the future holds.

Even your most secure back up plans can fall through

There have been a few times in my life I thought I had it all figured out and man, I was wrong.

But looking back, it makes sense, because I wasn’t building those plans on God’s rules and God’s plan.

I build them on MY plan…and my plans are crap compared to the plan of my creator.

So then I had to decide, am I going to trust or am I going to take control?

Also, remember, sometimes you can trick yourself into thinking you’re letting God “take control” but what you’re really doing is giving into the fear of taking that leap of faith.

God isn’t going to make you do something, He gives you opportunities to take a step of faith and trust him.

He won’t change your life until you’re willing to give up a little control and leap.

The less control you have, the more faith you’re having.

When you hold loosely to the HOW and focus on the WHAT and WHY…you’re taking action based on faith and trust instead of fear and control.

Which, to me, is a big part of God’s plan for us.



February 28, 2019


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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