3 Questions You Can Ask to Write Better Copy – even if you think you’re bad

“I just don’t know how to SAY that”

They admit, usually with a nervous laugh.

When I coach creatives on how to write great copy for their brand, that phrase is thrown around on every call.

I get amused by it, because they already said what they think they “can’t say”

They just need to organize, polish, and structure it.

You can do that on your own if you’re not ready to invest in a good copywriter.

How? You say, “the curser on my screen has been blinking so long it’s developing a twitch!”

Talk, don’t write

When creatives need help with copywriting for their brand, it’s because they hate writing. They’re usually better talkers than writers – lots of people are.

So make it easy on yourself.

Talk it out.

Record yourself answering these questions, then transcribe the recording and you’re 80% done.

Let’s start with a few questions you can ask yourself to finally write good website copy when you’re a bad writer.

write good website copy when you're a bad writer

1. What do your dream clients need that they will get when they buy/work with you?


Before you say your product, service, whatever, know this: no one buys things.

People don’t want services.

Everyone wants to feel.

So when you answer this question, think about the feeling they’re¬†really¬†looking for. That’s what you’re selling.

2. Why do you believe more people need this feeling?

You didn’t start this business by accident.

The long hours, late nights, tears streaming down your face in front of your computer…you’re doing it for a reason.

Why do you care?

What’s so important to you about this business, this feeling you’re selling, that you believe people need more of it?

3. What do you wish everyone knew about this topic?

You’re the expert in this field, not your clients (otherwise, why are they hiring you?)

So talk about something you wish everyone understood about your industry.

What belief do you have about your industry that’s unique?

Don’t forget, there was a time you knew nothing about what you do now. Sometimes the most basic information is the most helpful!

Even professional athletes continue to practice the basics, that’s what makes them so good.

So don’t feel like you have to say something knew, revolutionary, or profound to be worthy of someone reading it.

Remember, record yourself talking about this – like you would talk to a friend.

Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to sound fancy or formal. That kind of writing doesn’t work outside of term papers.

Who needs to hear this?

Share this with someone who’s struggling to write.

Remember, it’s never going to be perfect, but you get to decide if it exists.


October 22, 2018


Rebekah Buege is a body confidence coach helping strong women process critical thoughts and heal insecurities.

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